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Brunch at Grandma's: Fairsted Kitchen

May 8, 2017


Make A Good First Impression

On a rainy spring morning Fairsted Kitchen is a place that makes you feel welcome, feel at home, feel like you’ve just walked in to Grandma’s Victorian style kitchen in Brookline. Right at the door you're greeted with a warm smile from owner Steve Bowman who is so welcoming you feel as if you've known him for years. It’s a smaller place but gives off a cozy vibe that allows you to sit down and really relax and enjoy your meal.


Fairsted Kitchen is nestled in a building on Beacon Street that is outfitted with a full bar, window seating, small intimate dining area and an outdoor patio. The decor is very simple but unique inside; soft lighting illuminates the room and the atmosphere is filled with the quiet movement of the incredibly friendly staff.  



For our experience we chose to sit at the bar which is always our preference and is one of the most underrated seats in a restaurant. Sitting at the bar often provides the opportunity to chat up the bartender to get to learn a little more about the ins-and-outs of the restaurant. Fairsted Kitchen’s bar is made of stainless steel and carries the stories of many shared meals through its nicks and scratches that make it unique.



Let’s Get Boozy

The bartender (shit we forgot her name but she was awesome!) was very helpful in recommending drinks and highlighting her favorite dishes on the menu. I decided to venture out of my brunching norm and instead of a mimosa ordered a Raspberry Beret. The Raspberry Beret was a cocktail consisting of gin, raspberry jam, lime, mint and soda. It was served in a vintage highball glass decorated with blue flowers (This was the point that we learned that no two glasses in the restaurant are alike!). The cocktail was refreshing, sweet, and despite the rain outside reminded me of a bright summer day on a patio. My friend tried the Bloody Mary which was also served in a one of a kind vintage glass with decorative etching. The Bloody Mary was on the spicier and tangy-er (is that how you spell it?) side which we later learned was due to the whole grain dijon mustard and olive brine among the other 25 ingredients included in the house made mix.   




Lick Your Lips

Upon arrival of our meals my friend and I immediately shared a look that said “wow this is not your average brunch.” I have a bit of a sweet tooth (major understatement) which guided me to ordering the Bread Pudding French Toast with strawberry rhubarb compote and a mint & black pepper syrup. It was the perfect combination of sweet, moist bread pudding protected by a grilled crispy crust. The slightly tart strawberry rhubarb compote complimented the rich bread pudding. Each bite was finished with the flavor from the mint & black pepper syrup adding a late surprise to my taste buds balancing out the overall dish. Mind blown.


My friend ordered the Duck Confit Hash, a new addition to the menu which was unique and authentic that most places don’t offer. The dish was composed of tender morsels of duck in a bed of potatoes with bell peppers, caramelized onions and mushrooms, topped with a fried farmhouse egg. Served in a small ornate bowl it was the perfect brunch sized portion that left you wanting more. To accompany the Duck Confit was a side of house made sausage which was a balanced mixture of salty and savory with a golden caramelized char. This is the type of meal to call your mom about, to sing about in the streets, to foodgasm over.




Make Yourself At Home

Following our meal we had the opportunity to sit down with Chef Bobby and owner Steve to learn about the inspiration and history behind Fairsted Kitchen. Located on Beacon Street, which was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, (the designer of Central Park) it is in the center of Brookline and is the inspiration for Fairsted Kitchen. Steve explained how the menu and atmosphere are geared towards friends and family sharing an intimate meal in an environment that feels like home. 


Kiss and Tell

At the end of our meal we both agreed this is one of the most unique and exceptional brunches in Boston. Too many places in the city are popular solely due to large marketing budgets and the draw of the boujee South End or Back Bay vibe. Fairsted Kitchen is homey, humble, has a soul and should be included in your next brunch rendezvous.


Foodgasm Boston Review:

After the food and experience we give Fairsted Kitchen a OOOOO’H score, our highest. We will definitely be back again.





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