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Getting Detention Never Tasted So Good

July 19, 2017

The Breakfast Club in Allston is a classic Boston diner. Saturday and Sunday mornings there is a line out the door of hungry patrons salivating over what they know will be a delicious breakfast to come. Fortunately the line moves quickly especially if you are willing to sit at the counter which is one of our favorite spots because that's where all the action is and where the *magic* happens.


Detention If You’re Naughty:

You are greeted by a large menu and Library Specials of items such as The Detention, The Teacher and The Dork. My friend always gets the The Janitor and I usually go between the eggs benny and the nana chocolate chip waffles. On this day I slid down the syrup-y waffle road.


Among the many reasons to love The Breakfast Club is the fresh squeezed orange juice (I love watching that machine squeeze those oranges) and the option for gluten free bread for those who might have an allergy.


While you wait for your food to arrive music from the movie The Breakfast Club plays in the background and all throughout the restaurant are old movie memorabilia and lunch boxes - it’s a bit of a blast from the past in the best way. This is a no frills regular go-to spot if you are looking for good food and a lively atmosphere on a Saturday morning.


The Anticipated Arrival:

The Janitor is complete with a mound of corned beef hash and served over it are two eggs over easy, home fries and toast. The corned beef is very salty as my friend likes it and the eggs over easy aren't runny. My friend is one of the fastest eaters I've ever seen and devours this before I am even half way through my waffles.


The waffles are simple and perfect. They come topped with bananas and chocolate chips (and strawberries upon request). And they use real maple syrup to drizzle over them. By drizzle I mean I request a second cup to dump all over the waffles. Don’t worry - it’s not like diabetes is a chronic problem in my family...



The service is quick. The waitresses aren't overly friendly but are attentive and keep turning tables - tryna make that money, no shame.


We've been to the Breakfast Club probably 20 times the last few years and they never disappoint. Had I known detention would be so tasty, I would have been more rebellious in school ;)


Next Saturday morning, get your tush out of bed and head on over to the Breakfast Club in Allston. You’ll thank me later.


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