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abraham LINCOLN

August 4, 2017

Abraham Lincoln was kind and good, honored and loved by many. To help us remember this president we put his face on our PENNY. (shoutout to THW for that one)


Where do I begin with Lincoln...Love the food, hate the douchebagery that frequents the establishment. 


I have been to Lincoln in Southie several times now and each time the food is great. This last time we were there for brunch and it was an experience to say the least.


Saturday morning 11am we sat at the bar as per usual. I started out with an iced mocha coffee - twas very sweet but tasty. The bartender asked me if I wanted the one with alcohol...no thanks just caffeine please. My boyfriend ordered the bloody Mary which was spicy and very peppery but he enjoyed it. 



Then the d-bags sat down. Hungover, stinky, with two girls it sounded like they had met the night before - not that I'm judging. They were seated to my right and immediately started talking so loudly I could barely hear my boyfriend next to me. Then they proceeded to drop and break a glass which the bartender had to clean up. Shoutout to the lady bartender- you are a saint. I would have kicked them out so fast. As if that wasn't bad enough the one guy insulted me and my boyfriend. If Lincoln was able to exterminate the d-bag problem it would be one of my favorite restaurants.


Sorry had to get that off my chest. ANYWAY for our meals I chose the thick sliced french toast cinnamon brioche, pastry cream, berries, Vermont maple pecan syrup, and Applewood smoked bacon. Excuse me while I drool over this again for a minute. The sweetness from the maple syrup and the tartness from the fresh berries  in each bite with the fluffy brioche made my taste buds dance around in my mouth with joy. And how could I forget the bacon on the side --badabing, badaboom, badabang!



Bae ordered a burger because he's an adult and can eat whatever he wants for brunch and because Lincoln has bomb burgers - next time you go, burger (pic from dinner another time). We ate pretty quickly and got the hell out of there to get away from the party of fools, but wholeheartedly enjoyed our meals just the same.



Overall I'd recommend Lincoln for any meal or occasion just watch out for major d-bags because it can really put a damper on your meal.


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