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Ma, Can We Have Milk Money?

January 12, 2018

While we love all of the food and fun things to do in Boston, we are always up for an excuse to get out of the city for a night. So in November we had an idea: what better reason than for the Providence Water Fire event that takes place only a few times a year. 


I had heard of this mysterious event and had always missed the dates it was going on. This time we planned in advance and decided to make a night of it.


Obviously we had to find somewhere awesome to eat. Thus began our search. Bae texted his old boss, we Yelped and after a good hour of searching we settled on Milk Money. 


Providence is only an hour from Boston so after a quick jam sesh in the car we arrived. 


Milk Money had a modern yet rustic vibe with a back corner wall lined with old metal and wooden milk crates and long wooden tables and pillows on the benches to add a cozy vibe. 


The menu was small, but set up perfectly for sharing. So that's just what we did. We started out with homemade crispy potato chips with an incredible charred cipollini onion dip - may or may not have been the second time we started a meal like this that week. If Bae had let me I would have licked the bowl clean. 


Up next was a light and tangy vinaigrette salad loaded with shaved pear slices, sunflower seeds, prosciutto and a smear of creamy ricotta. It was light and crunchy and totally guilt free. 


The finale was a smoked cheddar shrimp and grits dish with BACON and roasted red peppers. For those who have never experienced the magic that is cheddar grits - think of it as mushy corn-based oatmeal and when done right it is rich and gluttonous. Bae told me to keep it under control as I was attracting too much attention foodgasm-ing over and over with each smooth, creamy, cheddar-y bite. I have no shame and I need to be free to express myself. I have never experienced anything so sensational. And the dish was hugeee! 






Everything was delish, just slightly overpriced for tapas, but we still enjoyed our experience. 


We left dinner with full bellies ready for a night of Water Fire. It was incredible. Picture 80 fire pits floating in the river, music playing through speakers on the rive, such a bright, lively site on a cool fall evening. We highly recommend attending this event in the Spring.


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